Your tiny meeting usher 🤵‍♂️

Let your meeting attendees know what's happening, with a beautiful message and countdown clock in your browser.

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When you want to communicate a message to your audience, you could mess around in the meeting chat window, or create a PowerPoint slide.

OR... you could use Live Curtain to quickly create a simple, elegant announcement in your web browser, then simply share your web browser on Zoom, Teams, BlueJeans, or whatever meeting software you use.

Live Curtain is a text banner and countdown clock in your browser that's quick and easy to use.

What people are using Live Curtain for

📣 Welcome message

Welcome early arrivals with a greeting, or any pre-joining instructions.

⏲️ Count down to the end of a group activity

Time's up! Let your attendees or students know how much time they have left to complete an activity.

☕ Coffee break

In a long meeting? Need to stretch those legs? Keep people informed, and advertise what time you're going to start again.